a bit about me:

On this site you will find various assignments, lesson plans, and work history that are meant to give you an idea of who I am as a person and an educator. Though it should provide you with a sense of my accomplishments, it may fail to capture what is perhaps most important of all - why I am a teacher. So before you move through the pages that follow, let me introduce myself. 

I am a high school dropout. I switched schools eleven times in my K-12 years, and by the time I turned my back on the education system, I had attended a wide variety of educational models - from rural public to private classical. They all failed me in the same way: they viewed me as problem instead of a person. At home, my life was tumultuous; at school, I was an annoyance, a thorn in their side, a problem they happily passed on to someone else. Too many teachers were so focused on Bloom that they forgot about Maslow.

It took me eight years after dropping out before I was ready to try again, before I had healed enough to go back for more. Once I walked back into the halls of learning, I found out something amazing about myself. I was smart, I was capable, and I actually liked learning. I am a teacher now because of my experience in high school. I am a teacher now because I want to be better, to do better than the teachers I had. I am a teacher now because I believe that students are people to inspire, not problems to fix.  Full stop. 

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